Eye Care

True Opportunities for the Right Eye Exams

Eye care allows you to keep your eyes healthy and for a long time to keep the mischief and youthful look. Eyes are the mirror of the soul. And mischievous fires in the eyes can drive any stern man crazy. And of course it’s normal that women want to have an expressive look and beautiful eyes. With the Eye Exam this is a very important matter now.

The Human Eyes

Today, human eyes are subject to the influence of external factors, it is impossible to imagine that someone in our time does not sit by the TV, does not read and does not spend time at the computer. But, by taking proper care of the eyes, you can improve your eyesight and improve the appearance of the eyes. But even using folk remedies in eye care, all this does not exclude the fact that you need to regularly visit the oculist.

Folk recipes for eye care

  • Take a mug of fresh cucumber and put it on your eyes, relax and lie down for fifteen minutes.
  • Make a compress of cucumber, for this, grate 1 medium cucumber on a grater and wrap the cucumber in 2 double pieces of gauze. It is necessary that the gauze is soaked with juice, for this, slightly wring out the mass. Then put these gauze compresses for 10-15 minutes on the eyes.
  • A procedure for relieving inflammation from lack of sleep and eye fatigue . Take 2 pieces of double gauze put in each sliced ​​green parsley and dip into boiling water. When the liquid drains, the pouches cool, put them on closed eyes for 3-4 minutes, and then put a cotton disc that moistens in cold water before your eyes.
  • Take 2 sachets of black tea and dip them into hot water, squeeze out excess liquid from them. Wait until they cool down a bit, and put on your eyelids for 10-15 minutes. The same procedure, with a bag of chamomile, they will help to remove irritation from the eyes.
  • Grate potatoes on a fine grater, put 2 pieces of double gauze for compresses and put rubbed potatoes. Put on the eyes compresses for 15 minutes, remove and rinse with cold water eyes.

To remove the eyelids and remove bags under the eyes, use the figs. For this, put fresh pieces of figs under each eye and so lie down for fifteen minutes.

The Eyelids

In order to eliminate the redness of the eyelids and relieve fatigue from the eyes, prepare an infusion of flowers from a cornflower. Let infusion infuse for 20 minutes, then it must be filtered. Wadded disks moisten in a warm infusion, compress hold for 15-20 minutes.

  • If the eyes are red, you can help the milk compress. To prepare a compress, heat a little milk, soak two cotton-wool discs in milk and put a compress for 10 minutes.
  • To relieve the inflammation and fatigue of the eyes, place under the eye a piece of ice or a towel that is soaked in cold water.