Smart Options for the Proper Store Distributions

Make-up, it is a wonderful product. Every woman uses it, in more or lesser sizes. We have it all in our bathroom cabinet. Some is only mascara or a lip balm. It is another gigantic collection where you could fill a branch of the country.

Open Youtube and you will find millions of tutorials how we can make ourselves as beautiful as possible. On Instagram, the pictures of nicely made-up girls pass by.

We are no longer satisfied with a gloss lip gloss of the Hema. Nowadays, a matte lipstick from MAC is a huge hype. You do not leave the door without nicely laid out lips. You would say that the products cannot be dragged in so why is it so hard to sell make-up to your customer as a beautician? Sometimes this seems even more difficult than a cleansing, cream or serum. The Sally Beauty Supply – Sell to Sally Beauty is now here now.

The Shops

It is opening more and more filial in the country. All make-up is more than affordable and is beautifully presented. They go over the counter like sweet cakes. Hordes (young) girls and women come down to it.

Tips & Tricks

Make-up does not sell itself (almost). Do you also want to sell more make-up in your salon? Maybe you have something to do with my tips;

Make sure the make-up is noticeable. Present it in a nice place in your salon. The make-up has to work like a magnet on your customer.

Also make sure that you are nicely put up. Because the customer sees that you wear beautiful make-up, they become curious what color eyeshadow or lipstick you wear. It is another opening for a sales conversation.

Also, do not be too cautious in applying the make-up after the treatment. Most customers do not like to wear foundation after the facial treatment. You can offer a bit of mascara or blush to the customer to apply.  The Convenience store distributor is the best option now.

Make sure your offer in terms of make-up changes every 6 weeks. This does not mean that you have to buy new items every 6 weeks but try to present your products in a different way. Make nice sets and give this a prominent place on your counter. In addition, it is also important that you mention the prices at all times. Customers often think that the price is higher than the make-up actually is. So always praise your products.

  • Open a conversation by indicating that you have received a new product. Do not enter the customer by thinking that she does not need it anyway. Maybe she is still looking for a present.
  • Be enthusiastic about your products at all times. Your enthusiasm starts and a customer is more inclined to try out a product.

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