The Next Step for Drug De-addiction

The drug addicts are used only in a hospital for the purification required special apparatus. During hemosorption and hemodialysis procedures, blood is pumped out, run through a special device, and pumped back. There are no traces of toxins in the blood. The same result occurs after the use of plasmapheresis. In the procedure, the blood is separated by a centrifuge, the plasma is replaced by saline solutionsand the body’s state is restored.

Especially effective, these methods are used in overdoses. All tasks are solved simultaneously: how to get drugs out of urine; how to cleanse the blood; how to normalize the general condition. However, “ordinary” patients, these methods are almost inaccessible, they are quite expensive. In conditions that threaten life, “patients from the street” can count on hemodialysis. In the lighthouse treatment facility you will be getting the best treatment now.

Not all clinics are equipped with hemosorption and plasmapheresis equipment. More often than not, “simple” drug addicts will have to experience “breaking”, which causes serious physical suffering. Medical means – “Ibuprofen”, “Acetaminophen” or “Spasmolgon” can only alleviate the general condition.

Helps to feel more confident “Clonidine”

Those who get rid of drugs on their own, you must also have at hand means for diarrhea.

Recover After Drugs

To remove toxins from the body – this does not mean to recover from drugs. The simplest way is to normalize somatic functions, and if there is no HIV infection or hepatitis of various forms, you can very quickly return to a normal lifestyle.

Not to the usual – about drugs will have to completely forget. It is advisable to examine and treat the liver – it suffers most. It is much more difficult to restore the functions of the brain. After the refusal of doping, the ability to memorize and perceive information may be impaired, reactions may decrease, and inadequate attitude towards what is happening may be manifested.

  • The recovery of mental health will take considerably longer than detoxification. With the use of drugs, a person falls into mental and physical dependence on these drugs, because of which a certain stereotype of behavior is developed, from which it is difficult to refuse in the future.
  • Each dose exerts a destructive effect on the body, psychophysical and psychological equilibrium is disrupted, and organic functions are upset. Since narcotic drugs exacerbate sensuality and are in some way stimulants, it is impossible to dispense with their reception. Only taking a regular portion of the drug regains self-confidence and at the time allows you to get rid of physical weakness. Break the vicious circle becomes more difficult and difficult – physical suffering and moral discomfort cease only after using stimulants.

But this method does not help to solve the problem of how to completely remove drugs from the blood. Although its use before passing a drug test can change the clinical picture and make the result unreliable

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